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  Code Of ArmsDIRECTORATE: Food Safety and Quality Assurance

The Directorate: Food Safety and Quality Assurance (D: FSQA) is responsible for promoting the consumption of safe, quality agricultural food products of animal and plant origin. The purpose of the Directorate is aligned with one of the key objectives of the Department of ensuring access to safe and nutritious food. The Directorate is also responsible for the administration of various acts such as the Fertilizers, Farm Feeds, Agricultural Remedies and Stock Remedies Act, 1947 (Act number 36 of 1947), the Liquor Product Act, 1989 (Act number 60 of 1989) and the Agricultural Products Standards Act, 1990 (Act number 119 of 1990).

The objectives of the Directorate are registration of farm feeds, fertilizers, agricultural remedies and stock remedies used in agricultural sector, ensuring efficiency and safety of products and the safety and quality of foods of plant and animal origin. The Sub Directorate: Quality Control is responsible for administrating standards and norms for food producers. The standardization is one of their objective approach in establishing effective safety and practical quality norms. The advantages of standardization are that product classification encourages consumer confidence and brings about greater market transparency. To enforce these standards, the Sub Directorate: Quality Control makes use of the inspectors of D:APIS but may on occasion appoint assignees to undertake at the point of sale, packing or export to ensure that the set standards and requirements are maintained and that the benefits of classification, grading and marking reach the customer.

Currently, the Sub Directorate: Quality Control has assigned a statutory organization, Perishable Products Export Control Board, to conduct inspections for some agricultural products intended for export, with the D:APIS Inspectors responsible to carry out the audit inspections to verify that the set standards are applied correctly. With this assignment, the PPECB acts as an independent service provider of quality certification and chain management services for producers and exporters as Food Business Operators (FBO, i.e. producers, packers, processors, transporters, etc.) of perishable food products.

Since these standards and norms operations require that reliable information of existing or potential producers are supplied to the PPECB, the Sub Directorate has the obligation to provide these producers information to the PPECB and make necessary updates of new or existing producers. Also the Sub Directorate needs to capture applications of potential producers and supply their information to PPECB once the applications have been approved.

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